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“You have a little bit of talent, a certain amount of
good fortune and a lot of hard work in pursuit of
whatever truth you can find in it, and if you are
really lucky, a terrific partner, and I have that
and those four things worked out for me.”
— Donald Sutherland
Today is my business partner, Ryan Stone’s birthday. I thought about what I might do to help celebrate this day in a meaningful way that isn’t about going and buying something, but so much cooler than that. Then, it came to me: I should write one of my Daily Inspirations about Ryan, and about having a partner.
Ryan is 31 today, and I remember that age pretty well. A few months ago, I turned 61. To be in business with someone is interesting enough, but to have 30 years separate your ages, that is very interesting. Still, it seems to work very well. Sometimes I might mention a name that he hasn’t got a clue about, but we are equal at least in that problem. . .
The best thing about me, is that I know talent when I see it and in Ryan, I saw plenty of talent. So, when he was having a hard time with a negligent employer, I struck quickly while the opportunity existed, and somehow convinced him to join me as a full partner in a risky enterprise. He lacks no courage, as I’m sure it wasn’t my skill, but his vision of the opportunity and a bit of trust in me perhaps.
So for three years now we have toiled and planned and changed and grown and laughed at our paychecks and worked late hours and have had a ball doing it. By myself, I may have given up long ago, but Ryan and his enthusiasm and his ability to laugh and get me laughing has helped keep the boat floating when then pumps are working overtime bailing the water. Each time I laugh my spirit is renewed, and so is our business. I’ve learned that it’s all about perspective and Ryan has a way to keep the perspective positive and upbeat.
With Ryan’s commitment, I am more committed and more convinced and more inspired. Indeed, I am inspired almost daily by Ryan. We rarely work in the same room together, but when we do, it is like magic how we get on the phone and get going. He’s also a skilled networker and makes friends so easily. He seems to know somebody in about every field. If you asked him if he knew of a good nuclear physicist with a minor in biology, I’m confident he would spit out a name and probably have a phone number too. It’s funny to watch when people ask him if he knows someone who. . .
Anyway, Happy Birthday Ryan! A better partner I cannot now imagine and I am so appreciating your willingness, vision, skill, commitment, laughter, and general upbeat personality. It is entirely my pleasure to be associated with one as you!
Happy Birthday, Ryan!
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