Daily Inspiration 2-19-14

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“There is nothing like getting started 
to bring a task down in size.” 

 — Albert K Strong 

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes have these tasks that seem monumental when I look at them, and ever grander as I procrastinate all the more. My thinking is usually that I don’t want to get started until I’m ready to complete the task. I find all sorts of reasons to avoid getting started. I got a lot to do, it’s too big a project, and the list is long, yet every last one holds no real value. Then, I beat myself a bit about it and well, it’s not a pleasant sight.

Yet lately, I’ve tried a new tact. I begin. Yes, that is it. I begin. Once begun, the size of the project seems to get smaller, and the longer I work on it, obviously it gets smaller still. Sometimes you just have to dive in, get started, begin, and miraculously, the project not only seems doable, but potentially a success.

I just had two of these in the last week. Yes, they took time to complete; however, I decided that I would begin, and then I would do what I could and then tomorrow, I would begin again, do what I had time and energy for and then tomorrow, again, and just keep doing that until it was done.

Strangely, it took less time that I had imagined as I was in the starring role of Procrastinator. Yes, it was a big project, but in bite size chunks it got done with ease. If I got tired, or some other thing stole my attention, I would just come back later. And, success on both accounts was the end result.

The Big, The Bold, And The Piecemeal. 

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