Daily Inspiration 2-19-13

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“How would your life be different if. . .
You stopped worrying
about things you can’t contro
and started focusin
on things you can?

Let today be the day. . .
You free yourself
from fruitless worry,
seize the day
and take effective action
on the things you can change.”

— Steve Maraboli

I’m looking out of the 19th story hotel room in Las Vegas. Not your average desert wasteland, but you can see it from this height and it looks beautiful and strange in comparison from where I live.

For those who don’t believe I actually write these inspirations every day, you’ll see this one is latet because I arrived last night in time to get it done, but the hotel Internet was inop. They were going to send a technician but that didn’t come to pass. Time for plan B, and that was to relax and go to sleep. Plan B couldn’t have come at a better time. I was ready for it.

The quote above is on a theme that I write about often. The reason? I need all the reminders and help I can get. It seems to me that plugging into glitches and temporary problems, and even larger problems is so counterproductive. I know that now and have for many years, but my memory is in constant need of reminding. That may not be an issue with you, but it appears by observation that I am not alone.

It’s fun now to make a game of it. Oh well, this happened, I can’t seem to do anything about it, so. . . what can I do that would be fun and interesting? Or, just start doing something else; anything else.

 Even When It Seems I Don’t Have Control, I Find That I Actually Do and Always Have.

Spread Some Joy Today–Be cool.

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