Daily Inspiration 2-18-11

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“Man’s mind stretched to a new idea
never goes back to its original dimensions."
— Oliver Wendell Holmes
Okay, let’s all go back to payphones–the pre-pager days; the pre-cell phone days. It is only about 30 years ago. We can’t, can we? Once stretched, we cannot go back. Each new idea, once distributed, changes what we call the status quo.
This same concept applies in the same way to our personal and business growth. Once we have gone to the new place or level, we cannot go back. We must go forward from that point, and that is a good thing.
Even knowledge of the past is unnecessary in this growth expansion. A kid using a cell phone today and making extreme use of its features has no need and probably no desire to understand how young the concept of cell phones is, or even when they started working well, which is even younger. They just use it.
In this, it matters much less where we’ve been, what baggage we may carry with us, or any other external issue. What matters is what we do with it right now, this moment, and where we take it from here.
Life Is Expansion.
Spread Some Joy Today–Be determined to find things to be happy about today. They can be very small things and the joy can be just as satisfying.
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