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“Seek joy first, 
and all of the growth 
that you could ever imagine 
will come joyously 
and abundantly unto you.” 

— Abraham, Esther Hicks 
(Taken at the NTEA Work Truck Show in 2012) 

My business partner, Ryan, is an equal partner in all of my endeavors. I love him so much. And it is a joy just to be around him.

Today we had an appointment with a client and I know full well to let him do most of the talking. There was a time when we first started that I had to coach him and give him some pointers, but no more. The guy is better than I am at explaining what we do, and I am so proud of him and it is a sincere pleasure to be in the background.

At lunch today, I suggested something and he turned it into the most brilliant idea. I just love it and it is a fun thing and I can’t wait to get started.

Ryan and I are 30 years apart. He just turned 35 this month and I turned 65 last November. There is great contrast in those two ages, and yet in my mind I am 35 still, but the physical part of me is not at this time, though 35-36 was my favorite time if I look back, yet if I am in the present, it is right now this day and a very bright future is in front of me.

In March, 2008, when I invited him to jump off a cliff with me, and I was 58 and he, 28, I had no idea that how things are today would be as they are. Yet, in some ways they are dramatically better for me, and as we talked today for him as well. That is fascinating. I can see how he has grown, expanded, and become even more confident in what he is doing.

In the early days, we used to get together for lunch regularly, and in recent years not very often, yet I so love to sit and chat with him in that way. It’s been 7 years now and I think we are perfect partners. He told me today that sometimes a potential client or a client might say, “he’s your partner? You guys are so different,” and he replies, “that’s why it works.” I’ve always thought the same thing in that what I bring to the table and what he brings are different and yet so compatible.

Years ago now, we both used to chase money so to speak. Now having started with pretty much nothing and growing this thing, now with six people plus ourselves, we continue to grow and thrive, although we want so much more while we are becoming more inside first, if that makes any sense.

I have learned from Abraham that seeking joy is our real purpose in life. Everyone experiences joy from different avenues. To some it is money, to others it is the perfect partner, a family, and millions of other ways. Abraham says it this way: “You only have to say, Here I am, on the first day of the rest of my physical life experience. And it is my dominant intent, from this moment forward, to look for reasons to feel good. I want to feel good. Nothing is more important to me than that I feel good.”

This has become my dominant intent and it has changed my outlook of life so much. Now I find joy in some way, if not in hundreds of ways every single day. I find joy in my business partner, our team, our clients, the wonderful schedule that all of us enjoy, freedom I’ve never known as I do now, and at the same time feeling more prosperous than I have ever felt. That doesn’t mean that I have more money than I have ever had, but I feel more prosperous. It’s strange but true. The actual money must be on its way to me as we speak.

What’s really important is that I have learned to have the feeling of having without the need to see it manifested, and it occurred to me today that this is the real meaning of faith. I used to think it was just trying to believe it, but I now see it as a reality that has no need of a physical manifestation. In other words, it is absolutely true regardless. That is so empowering, I can hardly stand it. It is yet another experience of joy.

There Is Nothing More Important Than Feeling Good. Nothing. 

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