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“History is an argument without end.”
— Pieter Geyl
I like history and yet I realize now that it has such a limited value. It is mostly unimportant. What is important is NOW. Looking backward takes us off the mark of living today. It sounds trite, but it is a very important realization.
People say, learn from your mistakes–study history. Or they say, if you don’t pay attention to history, you’re bound to repeat it. I say that the more you study history, the more you repeat it.
What is really, really important is what I am doing today. What I am thinking today. What I want today. Where I am heading today. What decisions I make today. I have accumulated knowledge. I have my inner infinite wisdom. What in the world do I need in the past? What value would it be?
I think that hanging on to that is just slowing us down today. Who cares if your parents abused you? Who cares if you had a dysfunctional childhood? Who cares if you were put back a grade? Who cares what mistakes you made? Who cares about all that stuff that is in the rearview mirror? Keep driving that way and a crash is imminent.
I recommend just letting go of whatever is back there and let it be there. Thinking about it brings it here. Having it here is counterproductive. Live now. Love now. Be here, and focus on what you can do now, who you can love now and how you can live now.


Whatever You Did Or Didn’t Do In The Past Is Gone As Long As You Are Willing To Let It Go.
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