Daily Inspiration 2-16-14

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“Every thought is a seed. 
If you plant crab apples, 
don’t count on harvesting Golden Delicious.” 

 — Bill Meyer 

My Valentine’s Day message was short and sincere. It was easy for me to say and absolutely true that I meant it, when I said, I love all of you.

One friend reposted my message on facebook, and added this note: “Thank you, Terry Minion! You “live it” each and every day!” You know, if I were looking for a compliment that really means something to me, that would be it.

I used to hear all of this talk about walking your talk. And, I used to try to walk my talk, but more often than not, I was talking my walk. I began studying psychology and what they now call self-help publications back in the mid-1970s. I really got a boost with a book I just pulled off my shelf a few days ago by Wayne Dyer, titled, Pulling Your Own Strings, along with his first big book, Your Erroneous Zones.

In Pulling Your Own Strings, which came out in paperback in 1979, and I probably read it in 1980 or 1981, when I pulled it off the shelf with the dust of decades, there was a sticky note on the chapter called Judgments VS. Reality. In the second paragraph, he talks about how people often say, “It’s a really lousy (or nice) day today,” and other similar phrases, but in reality, the day just is and whether you label it lousy or not is of no consequence to the day itself. We make so many judgments about everything, and so often are unaware of what we are even saying. It’s become an automatic response like when people say, “how are you?” and so often we say, “I’m fine.”

Though I studied a lot of material over the years, for me to actually do it was the thing that was very inconsistent. In recent years I began to be dedicated to learning and knowing, and acting on what I know. Each day is better. Each effort, each day has built one upon the other to the place I am now where I have grown so much and now feel that what Gary said on Facebook has become me. There isn’t much that causes me so much joy as this.

Walking Along Life’s Highway Listening To The Road. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by finding 25 or more things to appreciate today. It’s a practice session!

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