Daily Inspiration 2-16-13

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“I find that, as a rule,

when a thing is a wonder to us

it is not because of what we see in it,

but because of what others have seen in it.

We get almost all our wonders at second hand.”

— Mark Twain

Influence is an interesting thing. I have been influenced by so many and in many different ways. It then becomes even more difficult with time to determine who’s influence has influenced me more or less. As if that really matters. . .

This morning, my Internet service was down for a few hours. For someone who manages an Internet business, that can be a challenge and potential frustration, but I found it a fun opportunity to not stare at the computer screen for a while. As I was enjoying myself in my office, I was glancing at a huge bookshelf with so many business, motivational, and philosophical books in my collection. Some authors I had several of their books, others only one. But, I didn’t feel that any one of them was so much more influential than another–just different.

If I believe that I attract what I want and need at the time I want and need it, then all of them came into my life perfectly. Some of them I devoured and thirsted for more from them, later to be left on the shelf with little interest in reading any more from them. Some I got into only partially and closed the door. Many were studied and are full of highlights or underlines and notes in the margins. Many also have matching audiobooks so I can read them while driving.

Each and every one is influential in some way. Which caused me to wonder, which one would I leave out? To me, it is sort of like asking which one of my children would I send away? I say NONE! I love them all. Each is unique, yet in some ways they are all the same. Each has helped me bridge a gap, reach a new mark, expand my comfort zone, titillate my wonder.

I Am Grateful For All Of Them.

Spread Some Joy Today–Allow yourself the joy of learning. Buy a book or audiobook and renew your wonder.

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