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“Anytime what you are doing 
feels like a struggle, 
you must understand that your 
contradictory thought is introducing 
resistance into the equation. 
Resistance is caused by 
thinking about what you do not want, 
and that is what makes you tired.” 

— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

I said before that I have never found anything that resonates with me 100% of the time, except for The Teachings of Abraham from Esther and Jerry Hicks. It all not only makes sense, but I can feel my own alignment with it deep inside. When I was first introduced to it, I was resistant for a short time, then I decided to allow myself to learn what I could, and once I began allowing it, I’ve never looked back.

I decided in the first many days that I wanted to share and teach this to whomever wanted to know more, and so I immersed myself in it so that I could know it deeply and have it become me so to speak. The best part of it for me, and as well for others, is that it isn’t just philosophy. It is very practical, and there are many methods to put these ideas to work (or rather, play, since it is not work), in our lives. And the more we make use of them, the better our lives feel and become.

I’ve done enough since first being introduced to this in the summer of 2007 to know that these teachings and the methods called processes work like none other I have ever experienced. The longer I am with it, the better everything in my life gets. It helps me in my business, my consulting and training, and in my personal life the same. It applies in every facet of our experience, and I absolutely love that. I don’t have to trust it, because I now know it.

The only thing that is not perfect yet, and this applies with everyone I know, is taking the time out of our busy lives to learn more and to use the wonderful processes more consistently. I certainly use them, and I certainly know that I could use them more, and I don’t want to beat myself up about any of that because that is just more resistance. So, I allow myself to be what we all are truly: a work in progress. Except it isn’t work, it is more like a joyful journey.

Another thing that I love is as Abraham says, “You cannot be less than you are now.” In other words, once your eyes are open, you can see. Once the awareness is there, the old things no longer made sense. However, I have to state here, at least in my case, the old things didn’t make much sense to me anyway, so finding something that did changed my life. Yet it isn’t just about making sense. There’s a lot of that out there, but deep inside, my inner knowing, my vibration, was in total harmony and resonance with this, and is even more as I move forward.

Some people aren’t yet asking, so they are not ready to hear. That’s okay. This stuff has been out there since 1985, and in some ways even at the dawn of time, yet I was not ready until 2007. I was looking for something. I was looking for a better way to live. I was not pleased with my life in too many ways and wanted to change. As I found it, or attracted it, I could feel how important it was to me.

So, this year beginning on January 1st, I made a decision to focus on sharing these teachings with my own words mixed with those of Abraham. I hope you enjoy the journey along with me, and I believe that as we move forward, you may have some of the same joyful resonance and alignment as I have. 

If you enjoy what I’m sharing and want to get ahead of me, feel free to check out these source material books and audiobooks from Esther and Jerry Hicks that I have repeatedly enjoyed and learned from:

The Law of Attraction – The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham (this book came from a recording made in 1988, and was published in book form in 2006)

Ask and It Is Given – Learning to Manifest Your Desires. This was the first published book in 2004. I gave each of my team members a copy of this book this last December, and have given others away in my travels. It is a wonderful place to begin.

The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent – Living the Art of Allowing. (2006) A perfect follow up to Ask and It Is Given.

The Astonishing Power of Emotions – Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide. (2007) A very practical guide to changing how you feel about very common things in the world.

Money, and the Law of Attraction – Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness. (2008) This is my most highlighted and marked up book. Not because of the money subject which is only part of the book (the title just makes it stand out), but because of the absolute wealth of such valuable teachings (for me, at least) in this volume.

The Vortex – Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships. (2009). Wonderful book on relationships of all kinds, including but not limited to lovers and marriages. 

Getting into the Vortex – Guided Meditations CD and User Guide (2010). A powerful read, plus four easy guided meditations. I have enjoyed this since they came out.

All Journeys Can Be Joyous. 

Spread Some Joy Today–travelling from wherever we are to where we want to be, all the while enjoying the whole of the experience.

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