Daily Inspiration 2-13-19

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is often more effective
than advising.”
— Alan Cohen

[Classic post from 11-2-17]

I love this quote because I have tried to pay attention to my interactions with people so that I can discern whether they just want to be heard, and maybe even understood, although that is optional a good deal of the time, or whether they are looking for advice, suggestions, ideas, direction.

My experience is that a lot more of the time than my ego would agree with that person that is in front of me simply wants to express themselves and to be heard.

Just as we know ourselves, there are many times where we feel that way too. We have a need to express ourselves verbally, but we aren’t really seeking any kind of response other than acknowledgment of our presence and expression.

If we will pay closer attention to our interactions with others, we might see that same need in them and thereby be of service to them by simply listening and acknowledging them.

It Was So Great To Hear You Again! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by loving whoever is in front of you.

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