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“The first point of wisdom 
is to discern that which is false; 
the second, to know that which is true.” 

— Lactantius 

“Follow the light of your intuition, 
and keep away from
the darkness of convention.” 

— Michael Bassey Johnson 

I have come to believe that if we are to live our lives in abundance, love, feeling good, joy, empowerment, that we are first willing and second to learn to discern.

I would change the top quote by Lactantius to “The first point of empowerment in your life is to discern how you are feeling at any given time, seeing clearly what you do not want, and second to have that contrast to help you discern what it is that you want in this moment, and then move toward that.”

In the second quote, “the darkness of convention” is that contrast, and it is all around us all the time as we move through the day. By paying attention to how we are feeling, we will notice how that darkness feels, then “the light of our intuition”, or our own inner knowing, which is creating that feeling helps us guide us toward better feeling thoughts, as we discern by paying attention, then by allowing it.

Today, I had a discussion of the idea of ‘facing our fears,’ as an attempt to overcome them, wrestle them to the ground, erase them from our psyche, or at the very least to disempower them, or control them. To me that is fighting it. It is like facing a bully, facing the enemy, or even facing the facts. 

None of this really accomplishes the objective because whatever we focus on grows or expands. The way through is to change the thought to a better feeling thought, and the more we do this, the more those thoughts become dominate in our lives, causing the fears and other negative emotions to lose their power naturally. We cannot go back and fix the past because it is gone. What we can do is to choose different thoughts today.

This applies in every area of our lives, in business, in relationships, in families, and within our own minds. Wherever we choose to place our focus, will attract more of that which we are paying attention to. So, logically, if we pay attention to better feeling things, we will feel better. Yet so often, we are not paying attention or willing to pay attention because of the “darkness of convention” and all the “wisdom” of all those around us.

I recently saw it written that people are very particular about the car they drive, the clothes they wear, the food they eat, and yet so many are not even paying attention to nor discerning what they are thinking. They have a negative thought and feel those negative feelings and blame external things for that, including circumstances, events, other people and more.

Let’s take an example of a sales person who is feeling poorly because they are unsure, do not have confidence, knowledge, or don’t have the tools they perceive they need. Or maybe they are focusing on their lack of success or production. They are far less likely to succeed in this endeavor until they can learn to pay attention to their feelings, then begin the process of choosing better feeling thoughts. Yesterday, I mentioned to a sales person that he needed to focus on what is good, what is right, what the dealership is doing well, and to focus on himself doing the best that he can do with whatever he has at his disposal.

The single most important thing he (or any of us in every facet of life) has at his or her disposal is paying attention to how we feel, and finding ways to feel better and better until he or she is feeling confident, empowered, joyful, loving, excited, anticipating positive responses and more.

What drives us then, is one, to discern how we are feeling, then to notice that whenever we are not feeling good, this will cause us to know what we want. Often though, people will even do this but then focus on the lack of what they want instead of what they really want. In other words, they carry pessimism with them cancelling out what they want.

All we need do is perceive through discernment what we are feeling, realize that is not what we want, which causes us to notice what we do want, then turning toward that and finding better feeling thoughts until we arrive at a better feeling place. It’s not rocket science. Instead, it is easy enough if we make a couple of decisions: One, that we want to feel good, do good, be successful, enjoy our lives. And, two, to pay attention to how we are feeling at any given time and if it is not to our liking, then turn and choose better feeling thoughts until we arrive.

No More Victims Of Circumstance. Choose To Be A Deliberate Creator Of The Life You Want. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by choosing thoughts that cause that feeling.

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