Daily Inspiration 2-13-14

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“Words can have a great deal of power, 
but only as we associate them with 
our own meaning, feeling and beliefs.” 

 — Albert K Strong 

Yesterday, I wrote about walking away or quitting. I used this wonderful quote by Robert Tew, “Sometimes walking away has nothing to do with weakness, and everything to do with strength. We walk away not because we want others to realize our worth and value, but because we finally realize our own.”

Since writing about this yesterday, I thought about the word quit and quitting. Some words have a power that we may not realize. I think it is because we have many associations about the meaning of these words, and it may even have several meanings for us. The word quit or to quit, or quitting, or being a quitter, is one of those words with many variations that can have a powerful influence on our ability to make a decision, and certainly to follow through on it. We may feel remorse and then question our own integrity, authority, and actions based on how we are feeling about the beliefs that these words remind us of.

There are many words like this. One that is used so much is losing, or to lose, or loser. We say we are losing weight, but this is a terrible word to use here. In a similar way to being a quitter, to become a loser is something we avoid and that we’ve been taught not to do or be. On the surface when we talk about losing weight, it all sounds so benign, but under the surface we know that we aren’t losing it, because we always, or most of the time, seem to find it again, don’t we? We’re trained to find things that we lose. We’re trained to be upset about losing. We’re trained to fear being labeled a quitter.

Some better choices for these situations might be to stop or cease or even better, make a different decision, a course correction, choose differently. As in losing weight, we might say to let it go, I don’t need to have this anymore, I feel light and it feels good, etc.

Walking away sounds like hurting someone else, relinquishing responsibility and so on. Choosing to have more joy, to make better decisions sounds like building a life. How we say these things to ourselves about decisions we know inside we need to make matters. New age people call that spiritual work. It’s also calling coming into alignment with your inner or higher self. Traditionally, we call it following your heart.

“Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself. There Are Plenty Of People Willing To Do That For You. Love Yourself And Be Proud Of Everything That You Do. Even Mistakes Mean You’re Trying.” — Susan Gale 

Spread Some Joy Today–Ready, Aim, Decide. The best decision is always more joy. Truly, what good is anything with out joy?

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