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“Inner peace can be reached

only when we practice forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the letting go of the past,

and is therefore the means

for correcting our misperceptions.”

— Gerald Jampolsky

The past can be such a burden. In fact, this is a perfect way to visualize what goes on in so many lives. They have these issues with other people, problems unresolved, hurts and offenses they’ve accumulated, and just imagine that they are all in a bag carried on the shoulder. Today, that bag is heavier than ever and only getting heavier because we keep adding more to the bag by reliving those memories and adding more detail. With that increasingly heavy load, it is no wonder people break down.

The solution is simple, yet may not be easy to some. It can become easy with practice, but basically, we just need to drop the bag. Let it fall off the shoulder and let it just hit the ground. Listen to the noise! Watch it splat on the ground as all those things are pressing hard on each other. Now say, “See ya!” and walk away. That is forgiveness.

Forgiveness is letting go. There is no longer a requirement for you to deal with that stuff. It is gone. Doesn’t it feel great? All those things that your perception says were done to you by others. Gone. All that negative self-talk about you not being good enough, and hundreds more. Gone. Just let them all go. You’re released.

This can only be done right now. It cannot be done in the future. The White Knight is not coming. There’s no need for him anyway. The only thing there is that can be done are two things. One, hang on to your bag of pain and hate, or two, push it off your shoulder and walk away leaving it behind. That’s how simple the choice is, and it is only yours and yours alone to make.

I Am In Complete Control Of Me. Including The Acceptance Of And Exercise Of That Control.

Spread Some Joy Today–If you could read only one book in your entire life, I would recommend Love Is Letting Go Of Fear by Gerald G Jampolsky, MD.

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