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“Sometimes walking away 
has nothing to do with weakness, 
and everything to do with strength. 
We walk away not because 
we want others to realize 
 our worth and value, 
but because 
we finally realize our own.” 

 — Robert Tew 

Sometimes I run across a quote that says something I know so well, yet says it so much better than I could say it myself, and better than anyone I’ve ever heard. This quote above is one of those rare and exciting quotes to me. I just want to underline the last part: We walk away not because we want others to realize our worth and value, but because we finally realize our own.

Walking away because we want others to realize our worth and value is martyrdom. It’s an ego sandwich. It is a poor decision and for all the wrong reasons in general. But when we finally realize our own worth and value and we love ourselves enough to say enough, that is a life giver, and it would be impossible not to grow from that place.

I’ve been in some of those places, such as, working for the people who never have anything uplifting or positive to say. I’ve even seen that in church. I’ve been in places where I wasn’t really wanted and felt like I had to walk on egg shells as I passed by. I’ve been there where my days were crap and then I took that home and complained all night about all of it. I’ve been in relationships where I didn’t want to be.

Now, I know now that I attracted all of that. I accept full responsibility now. But, back then, if someone would have told me that, I might have punched them out. It’s not something that you accept and adapt to overnight, but I surely encourage getting on the path.

Nonetheless, there has to come a time when you value yourself enough, respect yourself enough, and love yourself enough to call it quits. Everything doesn’t go on forever like me might have learned in kindergarten. Things change. That’s a good thing in the end for everyone involved. I suspect that if you’re unhappy in a relationship or with your job or your coworkers, that the feeling may very well be mutual.

One thing I’ve learned about leaving. The people who stay have determined that you could never do anything right ever again. That’s why going back is a waste of time usually. However, you can do things right on your end. Move forward and get back into growing again instead of running and hiding and complaining. Who cares what they think? This is the best place to get to. Let them think whatever floats their boat while you’re moving on.

“There Is A Time For Everything. And A Season For Every Activity Under Heaven. . .” — Ecclesiastes 3:1 

Spread Some Joy Today–Allow the joy of your tough decisions to drive you. I have never experienced such joy as some of those decisions and actions.

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