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“Every thought of yours

is a real thing–a force.”


— Prentice Mulford

“Everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And it’s attracted to you by virtue of the images you’re holding in your mind. It’s what you’re thinking. Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting to you.” — Bob Proctor

I attracted The Secret by Rhonda Byrne into my life in April, 2007. There isn’t any one thing that I can think of that has had such a profound effect on me and how I view life–that of others around me, and my own too. It’s not something that anyone needs to believe or not believe, but it is nonetheless. It certainly explained volumes about my own life to me, and it opened my eyes to those around me and how their choices of thought explained their circumstances and events.

There’s a lot of argument about the Law of Attraction, as well there is a lot of argument about so many things, yet however we argue, and whatever side we choose to take as a belief or non-belief, it really doesn’t change any of the facts. We don’t need to believe. All we need do is observe. Watch. See what people do. See how they sabotage themselves by attracting people around them that help them in that process and more. It’s really pretty interesting to watch it in others.

It is also quite easy to see it in others. The challenge then, is to see it, and recognize it in our own lives. That idea was what The Secret video, book and audio was all about. How to recognize it in others, but more importantly, how to recognize it and make better use of this Law in ourselves.

In that respect, it is such a worthy study. Having studied this one publication, The Secret, after developing a far better understanding of the subject and a better understanding of how I have used it for the betterment and detriment of myself, I moved on to study many other works on this theme. It has been the most engaging and enlightening study of my life and it goes on today; albeit, not with the same volume of material as in the last few years.

Once I got the idea down really well, I began do the previously unthinkable and accept responsibility for what I was attracting into my life. I began to accept and appreciate that I created it, and this changed my attitude about what was going on to be so much more positive and uplifting. It gave me hope and a better vision for the future, but accepting today as having been created by my past thinking. Now I can choose something different, or not–but now it is a clear and responsible choice.

It Is Absolutely Amazing What One Book Can Do.

Spread Some Joy Today–Take the time to understand so that you can see the big picture and help others to perhaps make better choices, as with yourself, of course.

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