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“All difficult things have their origin in that which is easy,
and great things in that which is small."

— Lau Tzu
A highrise office building, a house, a shed, a chair, a table, are all things that are difficult and easy. Which ones are which? They are both easy and difficult. The main difference as to which they are is based predominantly on how I choose to think about them. The largeness of smallness of a project is not the issue. Walking 10 feet or 10 miles is both walking. Building a table is like building a house or an office building in the same kind of comparison.
Much of the time we consider that something physically large is more difficult, or that a larger idea is more difficult and so we have a tendency to get hung up on the perceived difficulty of something and find reasons to avoid it, put it off, delegate it, or other methods of avoidance. If, however, we thought about it as easy, we would have no issue with getting going on the project, while fully understanding that something larger may have a tendency to take more time or more help. That doesn’t make it difficult unless we consider it so.
So, as we look at opportunities that may come up in our lives, we often bring this big and small thinking along with us and it affects our decisions and certainly our activity and/or commitment levels.
Why not choose to look at all these things as easy? They certainly can be. The possibilities that change in thinking will open up are larger than the highrise office building and can be as easy as the table.

I Am Coming To The Conclusion That EVERYTHING Is Perception. How Empowering!

Spread Some Joy Today–Make a choice that everything will be easy today. Get your easy button out and punch it whenever you feel the urge. I love my easy button! (Staples.com about $5 and way fun.)
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