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“Be faithful in small things because
it is in them that your strength lies.”
— Mother Teresa
A few years ago, I heard an idea called the “pre-paving of intentions.” It was presented by Esther & Jerry Hicks on a CD I was listening to and one way I use it is to have more faith. I do it in a small practical way and that leads having confidence to do it in larger ways.
Here it is how I use it: I get in my vehicle to go somewhere, and I state to myself that my intention is to have safe, timely and enjoyable travel to and from all destinations today. Then I immediately let go and relax. Now normally, if I am going to an appointment or traveling a distance where traffic can be an issue and such, my body tenses up and it used to happen so regularly that I barely even noticed it. The only way I used to notice it was by my getting upset that someone is going too slow or other perceived obstacles to my getting where I want to go on time. Then I would always be watching the mirror and the side entrances for the speeding police because I was often pushing the limit to make sure I get there on time.
With this pre-paving statement and then relaxing, I find this intention always coming true. Let me repeat that: I find this intention ALWAYS coming true. Now, my ego doesn’t always believe it like my trusting inner self, but if I feel myself getting the slightest bit tense at any time during the trip, I just remind myself of the intention and then relax again. The key is really the relaxing part. Another way to say that is being faithful, or having faith that what I intend is true.
I now use this more and more because I see that it works and I see the way it works and why it works. Try it yourself. I no longer worry about being on time and even when it would appear that I wouldn’t get there on time at the beginning of the trip, find myself arriving with time to spare. I no longer worry about the speeding police, I just drive and relax and enjoy the journey.
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