Daily Inspiration 2-10-13

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“Everything you want
to be, do, and have
is already so.”
— Alan Cohen

Out on a drive today up the Napa Valley, I was noticing all the huge homes up on the hilltops, poking out of the side of the hill, hidden in the trees, along with the wine estates, and all the homes and ranches, farms and properties on the travel to and from. It was so diverse. There was something of everything.

I started thinking about having various places I was seeing. Although the thought was interesting, it just wasn’t me. Some people are really into fancy homes and picking out the perfect sinks and faucets and all. I know of some who love to put homes together and add value to them, and then sell them and move on to the next fixer-upper. It seemed to run the gamut of all the things possible with homes and places to live, yet I know it barely scratches the surface.

Some people are very clear about what they want when it comes to these things. The clearer they are, the more they have what they want it seems. I could be happy in thousands of them as much as I am where I live now. But, though homes don’t excite me much, I get passionate and focused on other things. The thing is that we all have the opportunity to be, do, or have whatever we want so long as we can be clear and focused, and the good news is that it already is done pretty much. If they can, anyone can. So much of the time, people are not clear or focused and though they may wish to be somewhere else, it is empty because there is no clarity, no drive, no ambition, no focus.

Take a new look around today. See what is already been done, and is being done. New businesses, new types of employment, new ways of working, new ways of living, new designs, fresh approaches. There is so much to be, do, or have as we have the desire and the wherewithal to put some energy into that. Or not. Loving where you’re at is pretty cool too.

The Power Of Choice Is Still In Your Control.

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