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“When you look in the mirror
and don’t like what you see,
change what you are looking at.”
— Albert K. Strong

[Classic post from 6-14-17]

This is a recent selfie of me, yet the subject of this is not about me and it is. It is what we see when we look at ourselves.

We’re so used to seeing from the inside out, receiving light from that which is outside of our bodies and translating that into our external reality. The only time we see from the outside in is when we see a photo or when we look in a mirror, and we do both of these things many times during the day. Far more seeing out than seeing ourselves, for sure. Consequently, we create an image of ourselves from inside that might conflict with the image in the mirror. In other words, the inner vision of ourselves and the outer version do not necessarily match.

Lately, in the last few weeks, I’ve been finally taking the advice from Louise Hay to do some “mirror talk.” Truth is, I’ve always done mirror talk. I’m speculating that we all do it. Why would it just be me? And, the key is what we are saying about ourselves as we see our reflection in the mirror?

I used to look for flaws, such as, blackheads, whiteheads, spider veins becoming more prevalent, skin texture, coloring, puffy cheeks, lines and crevasses, dry cracked lips, receding hairline, that nose that keeps growing, eyebrows in need of maintenance, my red face (neck, arms, etc.), and the list went on and on. There was so much to be concerned about; so many imperfections to see. All of that had me feeling like crap about myself, causing me to think even further about the rest of my body and all the massive flaws there too, and how all of those things were in need of change. This is a path to nothing but stress.

So I decided to heed Louise’s advice and say positive things and look for joy instead of pain, to look for beautiful instead of ugly, to see wellness instead of illness. As I was realizing that I had made this change last evening just before bed when I rinsed my face and while my face was still wet, I was loving myself exactly as I was, I thought that I would share that with whoever is reading this. Because this change has taken me from disappointment all the way to love and joy.

What did I say to the mirror image? I said, “You are beautiful. All of your so-called flaws are not that at all. You have beautiful eyes. Yes, they are older now, but they are as bright a blue as they have ever been. Your skin coloring is perfect. You are perfect exactly as you are. You are a wonderful person and whatever you have done or not done in your life is perfect. You are a magnificent example of a human being, and beyond this human suit you are wearing, you are Love. Your smile is delightful. I love you!”

Each morning, evening, or whenever I pass a mirror now, I am saying something positive and uplifting to myself. This is also causing me to think these kinds of thoughts all day long. As I think about something that I might have previously thought of as a mistake in my life travel, I now see that as guidance toward growth and expansion. As I might think of some painful event in the past, I see it now as a stepping stone toward the joy that rules my life now.

I can see more clearly now. I can see that things that used to go bump in the night were nudges back onto my chosen path. I can see how love rules my life now, and how all that blaming and judgment of others in the past is nearly gone from my life. And, the worst of any of those things were as people have said that we are our own worst critics. The benefit from this change is seeing the real me, the truer me, the loving me, the embraceable me.

I hope that if you have been experiencing any of that negative self-talk when you look at a picture of you or look in the mirror, that what I have said here may be of benefit in moving toward loving yourself instead. It not only feels better, but it is also the ultimate encouragement.

True Love Begins With The Self. After all, You Are With Yourself Constantly. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by loving you as you as God loves you.

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