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“What true patience is, 
is knowing that you want it 
and knowing that it’s coming 
and actually enjoying 
the unfolding along the way.” 

— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

I’m sure most people would like to take a pill, go to bed, and wake up changed without effort or even having to think about it. Assuming that could happen, I doubt that they would recognize the change that actually did occur because change is a constant; albeit, it is often changing to the default position like a skip in an old record playing the same few seconds over and over and over again.

Diets are like this. We added some inches and weight and we want it gone yesterday without effort. There are thousands of books, audio recordings, and video on the subject. There is this diet and that diet and some hang around for a while while others are here today and gone tomorrow. It is a multi-billion dollar industry.

I’ve tried many from the Belly Fat Cure to the Maker’s Diet, Juicing, no-carb, all-carb, and many more. They all suck. They feel that way because they don’t match up with the common reality we share in the world of food. They require a lot of exclusion with minimal inclusion, and they seem to leave me craving meat or bread, or meat and bread–you know, pizza! All of them have been successful at redirecting me to my original starting point, and sometimes beyond that. They aren’t any fun. At all. More like torture.

So I decided to try something different, and it is fun. And it is working. And I am in joy! It’s called patience. I got it from Abraham, Esther Hicks and it matches the quote at the beginning. But, the part that makes it work is this phrase, which is worthy of putting on the wall in big letters: “Enjoying the unfolding.”

Consider being a parent of a young child, and for some reason you are on an extended trip without the child. . . . a secret mission for world peace or something and the child is with the perfect relatives. You come back years later and you won’t even hardly recognize the child. My oh my has he or she grown. But, here’s the point of this: we missed the unfolding. That is the part that matters the most. Having a child and then the next time you see them grown up is missing out on their life, and yours along with them.

If we have enough patience to allow the unfolding, and even more than allow, but to enjoy the unfolding, we get to experience the deliciousness of the change toward a desired end result rather than skipping ahead to the end result.

It is so easy in our busy lives to be ever busier, and to crave instant gratification. We even come to expect that and demonstrate our impatience with any delay. Yet, the journey is the best part of the destination as we develop patience to allow that to flow.

This trip began for me on Christmas Day, and I am injoying the unfolding as nothing I’ve enjoyed before. It is fun. I am not hungry. I haven’t changed very much, but I’ve set an intention, expressed my desire, and I am patiently enjoying this journey, which is working better than anything I’ve ever tried. I don’t get on the scale to check progress. Instead, I feel the progress within, and I only got on the scale once in the last 35 days. I didn’t even need to do that because I can feel the change, and others are noticing the change too. The changes are small day by day, but I feel them all joyfully.

In addition, rather than using exercise as a method of weight loss, I’m using it to enhance the joyful expression of my limbs and stature. That is making exercise fun too.

Of course, this procedure, if we would call it such, is useful in any endeavor. Rather than being in a hurry, impatient, demanding, and disappointed, we can achieve our intentions in joy by enjoying the journey without being concerned about the destination or the timing.

Patience Is Trusting The Unfolding. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing your joy to lead you where you want to go.

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