Daily Inspiration 2-1-15

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“When we tug at 
a single thing in nature, 
we find it attached 
to the rest of the world.” 

— John Muir 

Contrast is what creates life anew every second. Some might see it as a love-hate relationship. I love that, but I hate that. That is a little harsh sounding, but it is true enough. More aptly described, it is a like-don’t like relationship. Sounds a bit softer only because of the emotions attached to the words. 

When I was a little kid, I liked the comfort of home, someone to cook most meals and I didn’t have to do anything to have that happen, and at the same time, I didn’t like the control of being told what to do and what not to do.

In every career, job, situation, relationship, association I’ve ever been involved in was the same way–there were things I liked and things I didn’t like. This is all good and it is a given and we all experience these things. It is contrast. It is life. It is that because as we see what we don’t like, it causes us to notice what we do like, and that is the true and beautiful value of contrast. It’s not about hiding and not wanting to see what we don’t like, or trying to be positive 100% of the time, or trying to learn to like everything. There will always be things that we care for and things that we don’t care for or about.

Everyone is this way. No exceptions. It is life. However, noticing what we do not like is one thing, spending time there is where all of the issues of life lay. We, and only we get to choose how long and what power we will give the things that we do like and the things we don’t like. It’s easy to see which focus brings joy and which brings pain.

All along with these Daily Inspirations, I have shared how things that I have learned have affected my thinking, and even more so, how I have experienced them working in my life. I find that I have epiphanies a lot now, or we could say an ‘ah-ha’ experience. I had another one yesterday as I realized that I caught myself practicing what I preach so to speak without even thinking about doing it. It was as if I were outside of myself observing my thoughts as I was out and about around town doing errands.

The epiphany yesterday was that I was doing something unconsciously, then as I realized what I was doing became conscious. I was sending love to every single person that I saw. I was noticing the differences between myself and them and where I normally would have immediately seen what I did not like, I saw someone creating their own world. As I am creating my own world, everyone around me was creating theirs and it was good.

I flashed on all the different choices that people make. I watched traffic as I was walking Charlie on a busy street. This one chose a minivan, this one a Camaro, this one a BMW, this one a motorcycle, this one a bicycle, this one a RAM truck with loud exhaust sound, this one with huge fancy wheels and this one a motorhome. I saw over a hundred cars easily in that space of time and no two were the same. There were some of the same brand, but no two were a match. I celebrated their choices.

Then I noticed the many fast and slow food places were near me (over 10), and each one seems to have customers buying and eating the food and I assume they are enjoying it. All those choices. Then I see all the other stores and people are buying things, getting services and all making choices and every choice is perfect for them. I might not have chosen any, and yesterday I did not choose any, and it was perfect for me.

I see people in differing sizes, shapes, clothes, and demeanor. I celebrate who they are and that they are creating their world, whether consciously or unconsciously. Either way, they are in charge. As am I.

It is easy to be critical when we let our ego lead the way. It is easy to have our ‘beliefs’ lead our thoughts, but a belief is just a thought we keep thinking. It can be easier if we allow those things to lead to see what is wrong, compare it with our perfect point of view and judge it as wrong, broken, bad, lazy, ugly, stupid, and a long list of words demonstrating what we don’t like. It requires a conscious decision to focus on what we do like about each person, each thing, each situation, each relationship. And, once again, this is 100% our own doing for we are the creators of our own world.

Seek And Ye Shall Find, Ask And It Is Given, Judge Not. . . I’m Sure I Saw That Somewhere. Interesting How This Applies. . . (Matthew 7, The Bible) 

Spread Some Joy Today–by not only allowing all others to be who they are, what they choose, what they do, but by celebrating their choice.

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