Daily Inspiration 2-1-12

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“Just because everything is different
doesn’t mean anything has changed.”
— Irene Peter
Sometimes I see a quote and immediately fall in love with it and the depth and wisdom of it, and especially the succinctness of it. This quote by Irene Peter is one such quote.
It immediately brings to mind politics, which is something I avoid talking about from pretty much any angle as it is a dangerous mine field at best. Having finally succumbed to watching the documentary, An Inside Job, the other night, this quote by Irene takes on a whole new dimension. If you’ve seen it, you can relate I’m sure.
I see it in other arena’s too. The car business where I spent 25 years of my life at dealerships, this quote is quite literal there, and from my vantage point of the outside looking in, it is even a better view than ever before.
So, I think that it is so easy to see everyone else and their changes that don’t change, and now I have to look at my own. Well. . . I don’t really have to, except to admit that I have stones and a glass house. . .
. . . And Politics Without Going To Washington. . .
Spread Some Joy Today–By laughing all you can. There is nothing that releases the tension, relaxes the spirit as much as laughter.
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