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“You don’t get harmony 
when everybody sings 
the same note.” 
— Doug Floyd 

[Classic post from 11-12-14]

I’ve read some things lately about how there is an awakening happening on the planet and vibrations are being raised and awareness is alive and good thoughts, and creative thoughts are on the rise. This is sometimes lifted up as a beacon to the masses in the hopes that all will be as one in this song.

There is no doubt that there is a shift going on in some circles, and some of those circles may even include a large number of souls. Yet, I cannot succumb to the idea that this will reign in the way they claim to hope it will be: universal and complete.

I have to say, ‘welcome to the real world of diversity.’ Any time we think that our way is the one and true way, we are delusional to the extreme. There are lots of ways. Guess how many? As of 2013, there are reportedly 7.125 billion people on the plant, so that would mean that the potential for the number of ways might be 7.125 billion.

It’s always nice to have some agreements with others, but the truest reality that I have found in my long search is that we each create our own reality. Certainly, we allow co-creators into our reality to add some flavor and color, but everyone the same? Never happen. And, I think the idea that it could happen is pure silliness.

This, of course, does not promote creating problems or ill will for others. But, knowing the number is 7.125 billion, some of that is a given purely based on odds probably.

What it comes down to is simply this: Be the best, most original and unique you that you can be. Live to enjoy and thrive, love and share. To be a part and take part. To share thoughts and ideals without insistence on having your way. The best word for that is to allow and even celebrate the differences.

How Utterly Boring And Bland Would Be A Uniform, All-Alike-Thinking World. Thank Goodness, It Is Not That. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Whoever you are. I celebrate YOU.

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