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Which one do you like better? 
Do I have to? 

— Terry Minion 

The quote above was a thought that landed in my brain a few days ago and I had to write it down. It seems that we are supposed to always know which we like better when we are presented with a selection of some kind. So, I thought, what if I like them all? What if I see value across the board? What if the fact that they are different from one another doesn’t mean that one is better, or even preferred?

This post from Seth Godin’s blog landed in my inbox yesterday:

He says that there are “Two kinds of winning. Some can only win when others lose. Others seek to win by helping others succeed. One of these approaches scales far better than the other.”

My favorite perspective on this I learned from one of my early mentors, Jim Rohn. He said, “There are two ways to have the tallest building. Tear everyone else’s down, or build your own.” He mentioned in one seminar that when the destroyer comes around, he says, “I heard about you!” Of course, pushing against him or the idea of people trying to destroy, tear apart, try to steal your clients by pointing out the faults, and more is counterproductive in every case. Besides, are taller buildings better?

I like how Alan Cohen says to act: “Control what you can, but flow with what you can’t.” I can only control what I think and what I do, but I cannot control how other people think and act. And, one thing that I have learned is that there is no need to join them, no matter what they think they could do to me.

I had a couple of attackers in the last few days, and my first reaction was who do they think they are? It’s bullshit, I say. It’s all bullshit. (I love that word, and even put it in a song one time on an album I recorded). Well you know, that is how reactions are and that is why it is called a reaction because there isn’t much thinking going on, but a whole bunch of defensive ego in charge (another way to see resistance). So, I don’t respond yet. I have to gain some more loving perspective.

First, I lay down the rope. Then, I pick it up. Then, I lay it down, and now it is on the ground. I breathe deeply. I realize that this is just someone who is inexperienced and thinks that 1+1 is 2, when it is really 3. I will respond today with a clear head and a loving perspective. The more I get attached to something, including a client, the more trouble I will be in. I just let go of any ill feelings. It’s all okay.

I realize that if they think they can steal a client, so be it. If the client will choose them instead of us, then so be it. I love my clients, but I am unafraid. Is one company better than the other? Does it need to be? It’s a strong belief in lack that causes someone to tear the other down to get what they want, and I believe in abundance. There’s plenty to go around. There’s enough for everyone.

I love Alan Cohen’s phrase to “control what you can, but flow with what you can’t.” As much as I control, I will serve and as much as I cannot, I will flow with that river because swimming against the current takes too dang much energy, and you can never ever stop and smell the roses right outside the door..

Winning Is Fun, But It Does Not Require Losers. We All Choose Our Perspectives. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by loving yourself. You are enough. You are magic. You are worthy. You are loved. Yes, you are.

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