Daily Inspiration 12-9-13

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“Make the world a better place 
one person at a time. 
Start with yourself.” 

 –Linda Poindexter 

It is easy for us to think of helping others. It is often that which is explained as a virtue and that to be selfless is to be a good person. Of course, helping others is a wonderful thing to do. However, we are rarely, if ever, encouraged to start with ourselves. Yet, this is such perfect selfish advice. It is from our own alignment with our own truth that we can share that effectively and lovingly to others. Getting ourselves in alignment is the perfect beginning. 

Begin With A Healthy Appreciation For Yourself. The Rest Will Make Itself Known. 

Spread Some Joy Today–“When you become aware that you’re judging or censoring yourself today, suspend that thought. Take a few deep breaths instead. Inhale slowly. . . exhale slowly. Then look around you with fresh eyes. . . listen with new ears.” — Dr. Gay Hendricks

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