Daily Inspiration 12-9-12

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“In order to experience peace
instead of conflict, 
it is necessary
to shift our perception. . . 
Many of our attempts to correct others, 
even when we believe we are
constructive criticism,
are really attempts 
to attack them
by demonstrating 
their wrongness
and our rightness.” 
— Gerald Jampolsky 

I found myself using blatant sarcasm, making fun of someone else’s beliefs about something because. . . well. . . it doesn’t matter why, does it? It was not my finest hour and as I thought about it afterward, I saw the error of my mouth.

Of course, to me, some of those beliefs are just plain silly and really easy for me to make fun of; however, who the hell am I to stand in judgment of what someone else believes?

Since I’m a practicing proponent of unconditional love, I need to get more practice in, don’t I? Every single one of us has beliefs that others around us do not have. This is also true of nations of people and throughout the wide variety of cultures around the world.

The only way I can see the world really working is each of us allowing the other to have their beliefs, while they also, allow us to have our own.

Debating a belief is fine when both parties want to explore the others beliefs, but when someone wants to cling to theirs, I need to support their right to hold whatever belief they choose. Hopefully that is returned, and we are at peace.

 It is the perception of I’m okay and you’re okay that works the best.

I Knew That. I’ll Practice The Art Of Allowing More. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Do something good, and unusual for someone.

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