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“Name two winners in the 1992 Olympics.

Name four Pulitzer Prize winners.

Name one coach in the sports hall of fame.

Name on person who received the Medal of Honor last year.

Name two teachers who had a significant impact on your life.

Name four books, authors, or poets

who have written something you cherish.

Name a coach who taught you
some values, discipline, or persistence.

Name one person who would stand by you in your darkest hour.

Which group has had the most lasting impact on your life?”


–Alan Cohen

I thought this was a grand comparison of how personally we are connected to an event, person or situation. I know people who are die-hard sports nuts who could quote almost anything sports related, but I still bet that group two has more power in their lives.

Tell you what would be a good task today: Make a list of the group two people and items and whether they are now dead or alive, send them your thoughts of thanks and pure gratitude for having touched you in a special way that has had a lasting impact on your life.

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