Daily Inspiration 12-8-12

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“People in any organization
are always attached to the obsolete;
the things that should have worked,
but did not,
the things that once were productive,
and no longer are.”
— Peter Drucker

This quote reminded me of two things from my past business experiences. The first was Friday sales meetings in the car business. What a waste of time and energy these things were. I’ve led hundreds of them and I doubt if any one of them ever made a difference. I’ve also attended enough with the same blatant results.

The second thing it reminded me of was forecasts. What a waste of time these things were. I don’t understand the value of them. If you hit them, everyone was obviously playing it safe, and if they were missed by much it was overambitious dreaming. You know what is better than forecasts? A plan of activities and action that is intended to innovate and improve relationships. That will improve business no matter what is going on in the economy.

Oh, there’s a third thing. . . mission statements. How droll. You know what’s better? Live and act with integrity in all dealings, and the old throw back from when I was a little child, The Golden Rule. JC Penney made a large company based on just that. In fact, his company was named The Golden Rule Store when he began.

What does the quote above cause you to remember? or challenge?

If It’s Broken, Create A New And Better One.

Spread Some Joy Today–Today is the official National Serve Thy Self Day. It’s Your Treat To Yourself. (I just made all that up for my own benefit. You might as well go along for the ride!)

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