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“One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.”

— Lucille Ball

I hear a lot of people that are discouraged about a lot of things. What good comes of that? Is there a requirement to feel discouraged when things are not going your way? Is there some kind of benefit to feeling crappy? Is it going to change anything having this feeling? Will the answers to change it suddenly appear after feeling it for a while? No. It’s all downhill into more and more crappy feelings, like frustration, disappointment, anger, despair, depression. None of those are any good at all.

On the other hand, what do feelings of optimism, excitement, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, joy and confidence create? Feeling great, empowered and in control. What good comes of this? Everything! Is there a requirement to feel joy when things are not going your way? If there were, life would be a joy! Is there some kind of benefit to feeling great? Absolutely! Is it going to change anything to have these feelings? Absolutely! Will the answers to change things come? Absolutely.

So, the answer is very clear. Feeling good is the way to go and the way through. Is the next question, how do I have that feeling when things are not the way I want them? Here’s the key: Practice. Yes. Try it, do it, do it again, do it again and again and again and again. At first you need to use your memory to go back to a place where you felt great and hold that thought and feel it and spend some time in it. After a lot of practice, you just change your thought and you’re done.

Lucille Ball learned the hard way. I suppose that we all have, but many of us have never decided to move away from it. That is the first step. You do have the power and you can do it. You must choose it.

Focus on how you want things to be and then live there in that fantasy as much as you can. Your mind works on pictures and will go to work to make that picture happen. If someone tells you that you’re denying reality and living in a fantasy world, tell them, “Absolutely!” Next time, don’t tell anyone and keep what you’re doing to yourself. If they want to know why you feel so good, tell them, “I just felt like feeling good, so I did.” It’s okay to keep people curious. Worst case scenario is you will feel great when others are feeling crappy. How bad can that be? Best case scenario, you will arrive in your fantasy for real!

What kind of self-confidence do you have now?

Rock On!

I Will Choose To Feel Good–Because I Can.

Spread Some Joy Today–Feel yourself feeling like a million bucks! It’s better than money. Money doesn’t bring happiness. You choose happiness. It’s FREE!!!

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