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Making A Difference Week
“It’s easy to make a buck.
It’s a lot tougher to make a difference."
— Tom Brokaw
Some of us may be focused so much on the making a buck aspect of life; i.e., maintaining what we have, expanding what we have, servicing what we have, like a juggler keeping several balls in the air without dropping them, that there is little time or energy left for making a difference in other ways.
Of course, making money and providing a level of functionality is important and valuable. It is one way to make a difference. Yet, I know from experience that sometimes it becomes a burden instead of making a difference by putting a shadow over more important aspects of life, including family.
Sometimes we may get confused about the value of money in the scheme of things. Yet this I know for sure: money doesn’t buy or create happiness. If anything, it would be the other way around. Still, sometimes we think we will be happier or happy when, and so on, but it only becomes extended to the next thing or things or level.
To me, making a difference is so much about being whole and sharing that whole-ness, and the good news about that is that money has no bearing on it at all. Sure I can give more money if I have more money, and that can be good, but that is the least of the requirements to make a difference anywhere.
It’s really the little things that we can share that make very big differences. I know of a cute little card that one of my bosses at a job I had was and is one of the most valuable “things" in my life, also a plaque with a poem and all my sales staff’s names engraved on it that I love. It might be that little note inside the cover of a book that I was given.
It’s not just things either. It’s sometimes just a knowing. Like seeing someone you love and giving them a hug because you love them and you just feel connected even when they aren’t there or you don’t talk for a long time. Or some things that you might hear that someone else said about you that felt so good to hear reinforcing your hard work or vision. It might be just thinking about someone that is special to you and giving them a mental hug without them knowing a thing about it.
All of these “little things" make a difference and they don’t cost a dime, require a big house, late model car, good credit. In fact, they are free.
“How Wonderful It Is That Nobody Need Wait A Single Moment Before Starting To Improve The World." –Anne Frank
Spread Some Joy Today–Send some loving thoughts, give some virtual hugs, buy a card and send a lovely note, thank someone. Appreciate often.
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