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“Being patient 
does not mean 
being passive.” 
— Mike Dooley 

[Classic post from 11-8-14]

Continuing with some gems I found in Mike Dooley’s latest book, The Top Ten Things Dead People Want To Tell You, the quote above was another one that leaped from the page to my attention.

In this quote, he is suggesting that we chill and learn to trust that things will work in our favor. He says that whatever it is that we want there are only two steps to attain it. Step one is to define what you want, and step two is to show up to receive it. He says, “the Universe does all the rest.”

I’m told that a lot of people are not so good at step number one. Defining what we want can be challenging, but it is not going to define itself. That would be the crapshoot theory. I’m also told that many people are not as into receiving as they would like to be. Part of that is past training that it is better to give than receive and such, along with the worthiness thing, and the deserving thing, and the lacking skill or intelligence thing. Yet, these two steps are truly our main work in getting what we want.

Then there is the impatience thing. It’s not here yet. It’s not here yet. Where is it? My ship got lost at sea? So, if we are to receive, we must trust that it will be, or rather, in fact, that it is already done. This is the patience part.

Having patience doesn’t mean being passive as he said. So, we define and then we show up and sleep until it arrives? No, he explains that well enough, so I’ll let Mike tell it: “So get on with it. Being patient does not mean being passive. Move toward your dreams while you celebrate all that does work, all that you do have, and how you now are. Be with friends. Spend time alone. Don’t worry. Be happy.”

Patience is trust. It is trusting that everything will work out. It isn’t about standing or sitting on the bench or the sidelines, it is about living our lives. To paraphrase the Bible, “whatsoever you ask, believing, will be done.” In Mike Dooley’s text, he is saying that the believing part is the showing up part. Why show up if you don’t believe?

Have Patience. Trust In God, The Universe, Your Higher Power Or Whatever Word You Want To Use. In The Meantime, Have A Good Time. Enjoy. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by thinking of a couple people that you love and how much you love them and all the things and attributes that cause love to well up in you. Let it gush all over the place. Wade in it. Swim around. Do the backstroke. Relax in it. Celebrate it. Adore it. Embrace it.

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