Daily Inspiration 12-5-13

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“Conclusions arrived at through reasoning

have very little or no influence

in altering the course of our lives.”

–Carolos Castaneda

As I read this quote several times, I found that I am agreeing with it. As much as I try to think logically, reason my way through situations, I can see that it was not reasoning or logic that made any difference. It was passion. In other words, it was feelings that guided me best.

All the logic in the world cannot replace the intuition–that “inner knowing” that comes from within rather than without. The answer isn’t out there anywhere, it is inside. We are equipped with a perfect “inner guidance system” that is expressed or repressed through emotion. When we pay more attention to how we feel about something, we can make better and better decisions.

Logic and reasoning may tell us to do this about that, and at the same time, we feel uneasy about it, or we don’t feel good about it. This is a perfect time to make no decision at all, or delay the decision. When we get to the point that we feel positive emotions, or that we feel good, we just know that it is right for us regardless of what others might think.

The more I pay attention to this, the better decisions I make.

It Is A Flawless Design Tool Working For Our Benefit.

Spread Some Joy Today–Whatever will help you to feel good, better, awesome, wonderful, do that today. In fact, do it often!

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