Daily Inspiration 12-5-12

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“Your first and foremost job as a leader

is to take charge of your own energy

and then help to orchestrate

the energy of those around you.”

— Peter Drucker

This quote is the prime directive. I never forget it and always do my best to live up to it, and if I falter, to get back up right away and get back on track. When one accepts the challenge of the leader, it is of paramount importance that we lead the way by the example of our own energy and our own attitude, and our own work ethic or commitment to our field of endeavor.

Having accepted and wanting that role, I take the charge of my energy seriously, but not without humor. I motivate myself by reaching out to gather inspiration from a variety of sources to continually renew my mind. It makes all the difference in helping shape my own attitude and keep it square. And, even more than this is the passion that I have for what I do. It is not work to me, but interesting fun and challenges. That helps renew my mind as well.

I keep my complaining level to that of a non-complainer. Who wants to listen to someone complaining all the time? I respect and appreciate the time and energy of others. But mostly, I get out of their way.

When You Think Of The Quote Above, Doesn’t It Make You Think Of A Good Mother?

Spread Some Joy Today–Next time you hear yourself complaining about anything, stop suddenly and find something, anything to praise. Instant change.

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