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“There is no such thing
as a situation that is inherently difficult. 
A sense of difficulty depends 
on your definition of the situation.” 
— Bashar 

[Classic post from 11-5-14]

For so many years I subscribed to the belief as preached by the biggest and best in personal development that “if you are willing to work hard, you can achieve what you want.” They use that word ‘hard’ over and over, and throw in a few sacrifices here and there, going the extra mile over yonder, and being willing to work extra hours and become part of the working-up-a-sweat crowd.

I quit that club.

I don’t use those phrases any more and haven’t for some time. James Allen says that “mind is the master,” and he is right, of course, but it is never the mind alone in a physical environment. However, it isn’t about working hard. You can if you want to. I won’t stop you. It isn’t about sacrifice. You can if you want to. I won’t stop you there either. And, going the extra mile? Why the heck not. Knock yourself out.

Those old and tired phrases make me tired just thinking about them.

So, let’s try some better ones. How about action? Works for me. How about focus? Can’t live without it. Let’s throw in some enthusiasm and a sprinkle or two of delight. Now we’re cooking. Next, let’s dance with some inspiration. If perspiration comes, so be it, but we cannot call this stuff work. We should call it play, enjoyment, love, fun, movin’, and groovin’, excited and looking toward (not forward) with eager anticipation.

You might be laughing at me just switching around a bunch of words and phrases that you think might mean the same thing, but if you think about it, they mean something completely different, don’t they? These new words and phrases change the whole scope of whatever it is that we are doing.

What Was A Burden, Is Now A Joy. THAT Changes Everything. 

Spread Some Joy Today–and a little love while you’re at it.

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