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“Does it really matter?” 

— Alan Cohen 

What a great question, and with minor phrasing changes can even be a guide to peace, harmony, and love.

This is the so-called ‘Holiday Season,’ with only 27 days remaining. There’s a lot to do, a lot going on including travel, seeing people you haven’t seen in a long time and such. You have plenty of experience at this, and yet stuff happens, tempers are activated sometimes, and there is also a good deal of love and refreshment, including perhaps some time off of work, and changes in our physical environment.

When those situations that don’t feel very good come up, Alan’s question is a perfect perspective tool. Does it really matter? Does this thing that is bothering me really matter? In the scheme of my life, does this really matter? What about this thing is causing me to feel upset? Does that really matter?

Some might seek direction from their religious faith by wondering, what would Jesus do? What would Mohammed do? What would Buddha do? And, my personal favorite: What would Love do?

Yesterday, I wrote about all the stuff that we get upset about is just information. It isn’t even real when you look at it from this perspective. In seeing it from this perspective, it is so much easier to see how pretty much all mental wounds are actually self-inflicted. Maybe we just get upset because we feel that we are expected to be upset in this situation. But, truly, we get to choose a response or even no response to any and all information that comes and goes. Of course, coming and going is the good flow, and having it get stuck within us is a whole different story.

Does any of it really matter? Is being upset worth the trouble? In my being upset, is it solving anything at all? Does anybody care if I’m upset?

So, now, in our world of duality, let’s look at the positive spectrum. You’re feeling good. Does it really matter? You’re feeling love. Does it really matter? You’re sharing your joy with all those around you. Does it really matter? You’re in love with life, loving yourself, loving all. Does it really matter? 

There’s Only One Person Who Can Answer This Great Question. That Would Be YOU. 

Spread Some Joy Today–That is if it really matters.

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