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“You have your way. I have my way.
As for the right way, the correct way,
and the only way, it does not exist.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche

This is the first time I’ve seen this exact quote; however, I learned this message many years ago. I have stated many times, ‘There is no right way or wrong way, there is my way, your way and their way.’ This phrase has helped me immensely over the years to put things into perspective.

Every time someone tries to tell me that there is only one way to do a thing, I remember this phrase. Any time someone uses the word ‘should,’ I think of it again. The truth is that there is no right or wrong way. Those are purely judgments by the person stating it is right or using the word should. It is their belief (assuming they state it with conviction). Almost all of Europe thought the world was flat at one time, so that is an indication of how beliefs can ebb and flow.

I truly believe that there is no right way or wrong way, but a way. As a result of this, I find that the word ‘could’ to be much more appropriate in making ‘suggestions’ to people about things they ‘might consider’ in case they are looking to change their results. If I state it any other way, it is my ego chiming in.

Don’t we all know by now that the only way to convince anyone of anything is to speak in a way that allows them to convince themselves? Any other way will likely be unproductive.

I love suggestions and a bit of time, then I allow it in.

Oh, you too?

I thought it was my way. . .

I Will Listen To Your Way and Their Way, And In The End, I Will Do It My Way.

Spread Some Joy Today–Let other people have their way today. Just coast for one day and let everyone have their way.

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