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“Have expectancy–not expectations.” 
— Bashar

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[Classic post from 8-16-19]

Wow. This quote is so powerful to me. Here’s the full quote: “Have expectancy–not expectations. Expectancy is the emotional knowingness that, a) you have changed, and therefore, b) your physical reality will follow suit. Expectations is placing upon the change that your physical reality will go through the method that your ego thinks should be the way it should change, to represent the change you have made within yourself.”

This caused me to think about the difference between intentions and goals. They say that goals are dreams with a deadline and that intentions are impotent goals. I see intentions as having an expectancy, and so often goals are more like expectations. So, the difference in intentions and goals is similar.

I’m not putting down goals. There’s a place for goals, but in my travels in business and sales for so long, the whole idea of goals is very convoluted causing them to be ineffective.

Another way to look at expectancy and intentions is like was described in yesterday’s post about letting go in order to open ourselves up to infinite possibilities. In other words, expectations and goals are likened to the knowledge we already have or have immediate access to; whereas, expectancy and intentions is likened to allowing. Whether we look at that as help from the outside or from the inside is not important, but let’s just say, by allowing, we are laying the door open and we are eager to see what the Universe will provide.

I think that the more we can open ourselves to the higher power that we possess though we may not be aware of, the easier things are, the smoother they come to us and the better our lives get. It’s like the difference between making and allowing, or better yet, taking charge, and allowing. The more we struggle, the more struggle is there. The more we allow, the more ease we experience. Sometimes people think that things are hard when they could just as well be easy.

I Am Eagerly Anticipating As I Allow It To Unfold. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing your joy to flow through you.

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