Daily Inspiration 12-31-12

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“Earth is a place

where ideas take form

so you can discover

which ones are true.”


— Alan Cohen

Phrases from my earlier life:

My step father used to believe firmly that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, and so we move around a lot when I was young. It never seemed green enough to him.

My grandmother used to believe that time heals all wounds. As I watched and waited, it didn’t seem that anything changed.

My mother used to say that tomorrow will be a better day. It was always coming tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the new year, but even more than this, it is tomorrow; it is the future. Tomorrow will always be in the future where nothing whatsoever can or will be done. Whatever there is to do can only be done right here and right now.

I used to make such plans of what I was going to do and how much better things were going to be in the new year, the new month, the new week, the new day, the new hour. That’s all they could ever be in the future–plans. Even today, it is hard to resist the romance and charm of the New Year, the countdown, the brief looking back to the past year and looking forward to what magic will happen in the new time.

I found that none of that matters one iota. It is only what we decide to do and then actually do right here and right now. Tomorrow actually never comes. It will be today and this moment as it always is and always will be.

What Will You Do Right Now To Make Things The Way You Want Them?

Spread Some Joy Today–Act on your plans now. There’s no benefit in waiting.

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