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“Doubt is a 100% trust
in a belief that you don’t prefer. 
You are never really actually in doubt, 
you are always completely trusting in something. 
The question is what do you trust in?” 
— Bashar 

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[Classic post from 8-14-15]

It’s interesting that I have always thought of trust and doubt as polar opposites, that I was either trusting or I was doubting, and if I was doubting, then I wasn’t trusting. Perhaps I wanted very much to trust, but I had lingering doubts, so trust was a slippery thing to try to hold on to.

Mira Kelley, in her book, Beyond Past Lives, awakened in me a way to see this more clearly and expanded my awareness of something I have dealt with poorly most of my life. She begins, “We do not need to learn to trust; we need to learn not to doubt.” As Bashar says, doubt is trusting 100% in a belief that is not in alignment with our true self. For example, if you are out of work and doubt that you’ll ever find a well-paying job, you’re putting all your trust into the belief in scarcity–the belief that you’re not enough.

Learning about this perspective on trust gave me a sense of relief. I did not need to learn to trust. There was no hurdle to overcome. I already knew how to trust; in fact, I was trusting in every moment. What I needed to understand was why I would trust in thoughts of scarcity–specifically, the belief that I would not be financially supported for work that fully reflected my passion. And the answer was clear: The evil I knew was less scary than the evil I imagined.”

She mentions her previous career and how demanding it was and how many hours she worked and that it became the evil that she knew. She knew how to deal with it–even comfortably, but the thought of the new venture was far more frightening and it was the evil that she imagined. “Once I saw this, the question became, how would I allow myself to trust what I want to trust? I realized it was simply a matter of refocusing.”

“We hypnotize ourselves into believing certain things. We pick out a point of view–or a point of view is supplied to us–and we take it for granted without questioning it. Meantime, we exclude all opposing points of view. This is so automatic that we don’t stop and ponder the different steps. I decided that I already knew how to hypnotize myself to believe in one assumption to the exclusion of all other possibilities. It worked so perfectly that I simply had to go through the same steps consciously, but this time instead focus my concentration on the things I preferred to believe in. The difference was subtle–I was simply aware and awake. But the results were profound.

I now wanted to change the definition of who I was. I trusted that in its unconditional love and adoration of me, All That Is would support that creation, too. That is what unconditional love is–love and help without any restrictions or conditions. I chose to redefine what abundance meant for me. I chose to see that I am abundant not only in money but also in opportunities, friends, possibilities, and open hearts and minds.

I chose to trust the expansion of my being. I chose to trust the direction in which I was growing. I chose to trust that I would be supported for who I am. I chose to trust that I am loved for who I am. I chose to trust that the Universe was supporting me with its infinite abundance in every thought, in every idea, in every desire, and in every plan that I had. I decided to trust that this support was and is always appropriate and always right. I created a little mantra for myself: I trust myself. I trust my life. I trust All That Is.”

Our Choosing And Our Choices Are Far More Important And Powerful Than We May Realize. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by just being you. You are joy. You are love. You are appreciation. So all you need to be is yourself.

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