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“Great things are done 
by a series of small things 
brought together.” 

— Vincent Van Gogh 

I was thinking this morning that there is a financial term called depreciation. It is the purposeful reduction of a so-called asset to charge off income to reduce the tax burden the net revenue demands. This term can be used in a lot of ways, and in all ways, it is making something less. We are said to be depreciating something.

Another financial term is appreciation. Something goes up in value, perhaps increasing assets, whether in real money or on paper. This term can be used in a lot of ways also, and in all ways, it is making something more, or acknowledging the value of something that perhaps we had not noticed before. We are then said to be appreciating.

How many times, or how many days does one have to do something for it to become a habit. I’ve heard and read many times that it is about 21 days, and some say about 30 days, but it can happen quicker and also slower than this. I think it has more to do with intention mixed with a smidgen of will power.

So I thought if a person is habitually in a state of depreciation, or I could say, finding fault, seeing what is wrong, in general seeing a lot of life as a glass half empty, how would they reverse this state of depreciation and turn it into a state of appreciation? And, the answer was that it has to do with an intention mixed with a smidgen of will power, and a commitment to do for a selected period as a test, if nothing else, that it can be done.

Of course, the easy way to know where we are is how we feel most of the time. Someone who is in a state of depreciation, finding fault with many things throughout the day, will notice that they do not feel very good. In fact, probably not good at all, and someone in a state of appreciation will always be feeling pretty dang good. An easy way to decide is simply to ask how I want to feel? Good or crappy? Hmm.

Here’s an example. I’m up and in my sweats and at 6:20 am I decide I want a sausage egg sandwich and a latte from Starbucks. I get in the truck and drive to Suisun City, less than two miles away. It’s 36 degrees according to my truck temperature gauge. It’s dark. I stop for a guy who just got off a bus and is standing on the corner at the crosswalk. He stands there. Then, I drive on. But, I stopped. That felt good, even though he wasn’t really ready. He only looked the part. I turn the corner, and a train is coming, and the train crossing guards come down. I watch the train. It’s interesting. I enjoy the little drive to Starbucks, place my order, and drive out. All the while on this drive so far, I am so enjoying my 15-year old truck. It runs like a top, and I love it. It feels good.

On the way back, I pass an apartment complex–well, two actually. Many years back, all the larger apartment complexes around here put up black iron fences and gates. I don’t know if it was to keep them in or keep others out, but they cannot be missed. The second one was bought out by some company that completely renovated the complex and changed the name. They are obviously different. They painted the fence bright orange, along with all the balcony fences, and front doors. It’s bold, and obviously, cannot be missed. I am in appreciation of their creativity, their taking care of the property, making it better for the renters, and demonstrating that they appreciate the complex too. And, I think the orange against the brown buildings is quite attractive.

I could go on, but this is a perfect example of being in a state of appreciation. I am looking for things to appreciate, and I am feeling good. That old negative self-talk is on hold. I am in charge of my thoughts and my observations this morning, and I do this all the time now. It has become habitual. It doesn’t matter how insignificant a thing that I find appreciation for was, it is now significant. It requires no will power anymore, and it didn’t require very much, to begin with.

So, here’s a resolution worth keeping: Move into a state of appreciation. It will change your life. Guaranteed.

What State Do I Live In? Appreciation. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by finding perfection rather than fault.

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