Daily Inspiration 12-30-13

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“Be kind, 
for everyone you meet 
is fighting a hard battle.” 

 — Plato 

This quote causes me to think several things. First, I don’t know if I would have used the words fighting, hard and battle. Maybe they are. Second, there is no doubt that some are fighting a battle, hard or otherwise. Third, it really doesn’t matter if it is hard, or if it is a battle, or that they are fighting. What matters is that everyone is dealing with life, and life is sometimes messy.

Based on that last part alone, it is worthy to be kind–as if we really needed a sympathetic reason. Yet, it is true that we just don’t know what people are dealing with until they tell us and that they tell us the whole story. We all have stuff. It’s in the closet, it’s on the lawn, it’s covered in paperwork, it’s emotional and can also be stressful. It’s a good bet that whatever we think we have issues with, others can top it and make ours look insignificant. Even though it is never insignificant.

So take care. Give the gift of love and joy. If that is too much for the moment, try the gift of caring. It is simply amazing what we can do to help another through a bumpy place by just giving our attention.

Kindness Is A Very Generous Gift.

Spread Some Joy Today–What in the world could be better than to spread some joy?

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