Daily Inspiration 12-30-12

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“There are hundreds of paths up the mountain,
all leading to the same place,
so it doesn’t
which path you take.
The only person
wasting time
is the one who runs around
the mountain,
telling everyone
that his or her path is wrong.”
— Hindu Proverb

The Internet is my business now and our company manages over 150 facebook pages and much, much more online. So, I am on facebook, even in my own personal facebook a reasonable amount of time (less than you might imagine!). I peruse the home page and see other people’s posts for 3 to 5 pages and like some, make positive comments on some and then I’m out. I see these comments that make me want to slap people and wake them up, but I calm myself and move on without any action. Normally.

However, today, I swam upstream with a few comments that were based mostly in anger and self-righteousness, trying to impart a dinky bit of wisdom using some kind but pointed remarks. The results were entirely predictable. I got flak and explanations that didn’t hold any more water than the original argument. I swam a bit more. I’m on thin ice, I know, but you had to have been there. Then, I became conscious again and saw the folly of my ways.

All that nonsense today, reminded me of the quote above. I was going to use this most powerful quote in another way, but this is as good as any to inject the idea that all we have are opinions. Yours, mine, theirs–all opinions. Some claim to stand on beliefs, but that is just thoughts we continue to think over and over again. There are hundreds of ways to get to the top of the mountain; to the end of the earth; to nirvana; to heaven; or wherever, and they are all as good as any. Some make sense to us, some don’t. It doesn’t matter except for one thing that I have found, and that is whichever one makes us feel the best, is the best for us. That’s about it.

Next Time I Feel Like Swimming Against The Current, I Want To Remember This Talk. . . .

Spread Some Joy Today–Joy comes from uplifting and encouraging rather than questioning and lecturing. That’s normally where I’m at and it is a great place to be. Don’t you agree?

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