Daily Inspiration 12-3-16

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“Help me to be less fearful 
of the measure of time, 
and more fully alive 
in the time that simply is. 
Help me to live time, 
not just to simply use it; 
to breathe it in, and return it 
in acts of love and presence.” 

— Avis Crowe 

What I have learned about life is that it is much more a matter of letting go than in gathering. There is so much melodrama all around us in this world, and even forgetting about the massive amount of outside information, there is as much melodrama within our own thoughts and feelings.

There are hundreds, even thousands of methodologies to try to make sense of it, deal with it, overcome it, and I haven’t found any of that stuff that really works as much as letting go. I used to call it not plugging in, and now I call it dropping the rope. In either case, I am releasing the resistance I get from participating in the melodrama of life.

In the medical and psychological world, resistance is more often called stress, and they have hundreds of ways to treat stress, and relieving stress requires none of that. It simply requires letting go. Lay the tug-o-war rope down. Step away. Turn away. Let it go.

We get so uptight about information. Truly. The majority of what we get upset about is simply information. It’s funny to think about it that way, and yet, that is what it is.

If we thought of the drama in our mind and out in the world for that matter as if it is information on a long digital reader board like in New York City, we can watch it moving on by even as we are reading it, and then it is gone and more information is coming and going every second of every day. We can just watch it come and go without plugging into it, giving it any energy or attention. Or, we can get entangled in what it means and get very upset about it as we choose. It’s all just information.

You got fired. That’s just information. What will you do with that information? It can be a problem, a disaster, or it can be a blessing, even the most joyous day of your life. Most joyous day? Absolutely! I know that from my own personal experience. Your spouse wants a divorce. That’s just information. What will you do with that information? You can see that as death or a rebirth, or anywhere in between. It doesn’t matter what it is, it is just information, and we can treat it that way, watching it, or we can be so involved that we don’t know which way is up.

What I have learned from all my experience is to let it go–to let it come and let it go on by. Trying to stop it from coming in is pointless. It will get in. The key is not to worry or stress about defense, or offense, but to take a different approach by rising above it and realizing that this is not me, that these problems only exist in my mind, and that I am not even my mind, but that which is the observer of my mind–that which is my consciousness or awareness.

Once I get to this point of view, I can easily enough allow the drama to come and go without resisting it, engaging with it, or justifying it. As I watch it come and allow it to continue on its path, I am free of the drama. I am free of the turmoil. I am free of the problem. I am free.

Oh, That’s Interesting. . . Hmmm, That’s Nice. Wow! Look At That Drama! 

Spread Some Joy Today–just for the change of it.

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