Daily Inspiration 12-29-12

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“It’s good to have an end
to journey towards; 
but it is the journey 
that matters in the end.” 

 — Ursula Le Guin 

Often I find that it is all to easy to focus on a goal, or some time in the future that an event is going to happen and so on, as I unconsciously pay little attention to the life I am living at this moment. I don’t do it on purpose, but I just seem to get caught by the romance of the end or the goal.

It can even be such things as Christmas day and all the expectations of that day and the massive preparations that are beyond reason much of the time. As I think about what I will need then, or what else I can do then, all in preparation, whether mentally or physically, the days pass and then it is finally here. . . 

What about the last 5 weeks? What happened to that? It certainly wasn’t lived as fully as it could be since I was only there part of the time.

Moments Used Well Can Be Moments Enjoyed and Appreciated As The Goals Come And Go. 

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