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“True forgiveness is when you can say:
Thank you for that experience.” 
— Oprah Winfrey 

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[Classic post from 8-12-15]

When we carry negative feelings about an event, and especially when it involves another person or persons, it can and often does fester and become more profound in our minds, as well as negatively affecting our bodies. The act of forgiveness, or letting go of the rope as I like to say it, brings us relief, and to the degree that we let go, that relief can change our lives in a very positive way. But, we may become willing to forgive others and then have it not be complete because we fail to forgive ourselves.

I’m reading Mira Kelley’s new book, Beyond Past Lives. I absolutely love it and I am finding some real gems of wisdom and expansion. One subject she addresses is to forgive yourself and others. I’ll quote a few paragraphs that are in the book:

“We all know that it’s important to forgive those who have wronged us. For most of us, it’s a challenge to forgive, but once we do we feel lighter and freer. It gives us peace of mind and the ability to move on in our lives, rather than remain a victim of people and circumstances.

The first reason forgiveness is a challenge for people is because we assume it needs to be difficult. This is a cultural belief: “Everyone knows it is hard to forgive, so why would it be different for me?” We elect to hold on to our hurt egos–to the sad stories we tell–because that’s what everyone else is doing and we think it’s the right thing to do. It does not benefit us in any way, but we continue to do it. The solution is simple: Tell yourself it’s easy to forgive. It’s a good belief to have, so choose to hold it as your truth. You originate from a place of Oneness, a place where you have no reason to hold yourself separate from anyone else. It’s already in your essence to forgive because there is no need to punish any part of yourself.

The second reason we find it hard to forgive is that we only focus on the first step of the process–forgiving the other. We were never told how important it is to also forgive ourselves. Forgiveness is a two-sided coin. No forgiveness is complete when we only focus on forgiving others. 

Forgive not because the other person deserves to be forgiven but because you deserve to be at peace. Forgive because you love yourself more than the need to be ‘right.'”

In every situation, interaction with others, and my interpretation of events, I get to choose love or fear. Which of those perspectives I view these from determines how I will feel. Forgiveness will always and only come from a perspective of love–the love of ourselves and our love for all others, and from that perspective, we become thankful for the experience because it brought us back to love–that which we truly all are.

I Forgive Myself. I Forgive you. I Release You. I Let You Go. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by making some letting go choices.

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