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“I’m glad I’ve been handsomely paid for my efforts, 
but I truly would have done it for free–because I had to. 
It was the only way I found momentary release 
and the purpose I was looking for.” 

— Bruce Springsteen, 
from his new book, Born To Run 

Our internal guidance–that inner knowing, can guide us perfectly as we acknowledge it and pay attention to how we feel as we consider it. Here’s something Wayne Dyer has said on this subject:

“There has been invisible guidance there for me each and every step of the way, just as there is for you as well. In order to access that guidance, I encourage you to make a commitment to be absolutely faithful to that which exists nowhere but within yourself. This is the great secret for seeing ever more clearly and living your life from a place of passion and purpose.” 

You’ve heard the phrase, “you gotta do what you gotta do,” right? Most often, that is the inner drive people refer to the moves a person along a path that works best for them, though it may not always be the clearest signal, and yet, the more we listen to it, feel it, and respond to it, the clearer it gets.

I even talk to it–just like I’m talking to God, because, I think it is. Sometimes I think I don’t really know anything, so I am always open to guidance. In fact, the older I get and the more I have learned, the more I see I do not know. But, I believe that my inner guidance knows all, and thank goodness it doesn’t dump it all on me, but nudges me along as Wayne said, each step along the way.

You aren’t sure what you want? Perfect. Talk to your inner guidance. Say, “please show me what I want next. I’m ready to listen!” I think we all have intentions, and with all that is going on all around us, we sort of lose track from time to time. No problem. My inner guidance will help keep me on the right track!

There’s something to be said for letting go and giving control to our higher power. This doesn’t mean that we have lost our way, or that we are giving up our freedom of choice. It simply means that we are trusting in the greater knowing of my chosen intentions, which might be feeling a little cloudy at the moment, but soon enough after releasing control, I’m guided to the next logical step, and then the next.

I Love That I Am Never Alone In My Travels! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing more, releasing more, loving more.
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