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“It matters not how small

the beginning may seem to be.

What is once done well

is done forever.”

— Henry David Thoreau

I love this quote for several reasons. One, it points out that doing a thing means it is done. Two, it clearly points out to me that nothing is ever “done.”
And three, quality is important.

We are always and will always be a work in progress. It is about doing not being done. There is no done. There is only doing. In doing, we learn, experiment, teach, share, create, expand, love.

They say to count the cost before doing. Since when did cost projections ever come out correct? Besides, they want the costs counted more to insure against a thing than to do it. They want us to complete a project which can never be completed totally. Oh, sure, you can build a building and it can be built to a certain size, but is it ever really completed? It will always be a work in progress even when it is ignored and in decay.

I remember when I was in junior high and high school, they were going to build a four lane freeway on a section of highway 12 from Santa Rosa to Sonoma. Highway 12 runs from the Sierra mountains to the coast and is almost all 2 lane standard highway. Well, they build a couple miles of this freeway or so, mostly raised so it took a while and then it all stopped. The people didn’t appreciate the State’s thinking and felt this freeway would ruin the rural charm of that beautiful drive from Santa Rosa to Sonoma. So there it sits dead in its tracks. Is it done? Would it ever have been done? It was and still is a work in progress.

Life is not about being done. Even if we are to leave the life we know, life is still a work in progress and always will be. Besides, Socrates still touches lives he never knew today. So does Abraham Lincoln, grandma Moses, along with every other life. We are never done. Nothing we do is never done because life is in the living and doing and whatever that is is.

Let’s Start Something NEW! Then We Can Enjoy The DOING.

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