Daily Inspiration 12-28-12

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“Change comes more from

managing the journey

than from

announcing the destination.”

— William Bridges

I’ve seen a lot of quotes and other written advice about successful goal setting which states that you should tell the world (or, at least those in earshot) what your goals are and they will supposedly help you to attain them. I assume that means peer pressure, or trying to avoid the I-told-you-so friends talk by actually, somehow, following through to success.

I say BS to that! Truly, in my own experience, telling others what you are going to do is a complete and total waste of time and energy. I know this from having failed to succeed, and then I’ve got to hear the crap from those I told. This, of course, assumes they even care that much.

No. I say, tell no one! Not one! Not your spouse! Not your brother! Not your sister! Not any. None. Nada. Instead, let them see when you actually do it; when you succeed. The naked truth is that no one is interested in what you’re going to do. Henry Ford said it well: “You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do.” But, you can on what you actually do!

The moral? Go and do. Run, jump, move about and do that thing that you have passion to do. Become that person you want to become. Do it. Then, and only then, if you still feel like telling someone, tell them what you were going to do, and while you’re at it, tell them, oh, by the way, I already did it.

Thank You For Your Support! I Couldn’t Have Done It Without Your Help. . . NOT!

Spread Some Joy Today–Let only kind words and praise move through your lips this day.

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