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“A decision is made with the brain.

A commitment is made with the heart.

Therefore, a commitment is much deeper

and more binding than a decision.”

— Nido Qubein

We’re just a few days away from that traditional time when we make those resolutions of change–especially those things that we should do, and that is also generally those things that are not very appealing, and so we don’t really want to do them, but we think we should. Of course, everyone knows by now that probably a teeny fraction of all resolutions get action after the end of January. The rest have faded into the woodwork somewhere.

That’s because we are using our brain to make a decision. After being a smoker for so many years, I made thousands of decisions about quitting, and it was something I knew I should do and also didn’t want to do, so I didn’t. It generally didn’t even last the first hour of the first day. Weak and wimpy, but entirely predictable.

And, I also know the aspect of choosing with my heart and making a commitment, and the real difference is that it isn’t because I should do it, or someone else thinks I should, but because I want to do it. That becomes the commitment, and that is what it took to lay the cigs down after 38 years. It was easy when I got to that place, and when I hear people say it’s hard, I know they haven’t got to the heart stage.

Whatever it is that we want to change, by using our heart and making a commitment, we cannot fail to do what we truly want to do. It is always a choice and it is always our own to make.

Save The Resolutions. Just Have A Great Time. If You Really Want To Change, Then Change. It’s Easy When You Use Your Heart.

Spread Some Joy Today–Cook a special dinner on an off day and use the good china. Make it special just because you can. Treat yourself special.

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