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“None but himself can alter his condition.”
– James Allen, 
As A Man Thinketh

[Classic post from 12-10-14]

This is so, so true. For many years I tried changing other people to no avail. When I realized that the only person I can change is me, it was a revelation. As a result of that, I have focused on my own learning, mental and spiritual growth.

At the same time, we absolutely do have an effect on other people. The question is what kind of an effect? We have total control over that effect since we are in total control of our own thinking.

Here’s an example of what I mean. I realized some time ago, one of my main passions, and it is this: I am an encourager. I love that about me and that is something that gives me energy and drives me and fulfills me. I love lifting others up. If I can brighten someones hour or day with a kind word, I am thrilled. If I can offer a thought that helps someone to think better about themselves, I am overjoyed. When I can encourage someone to see how powerful they really are but are not currently recognizing, I am ecstatic.

We don’t all have this passion, but I know that everyone has one or more passions which if not now recognized, are under the surface waiting to be exposed to the light. Once exposed, exposing it will change them forever. I can only be a catalyst, but the change is up to them, for truly, I can change no one but myself. And, yet I know that I can be an influence. I take that seriously, and. . . boldly.

What kind of influence are you? “None but himself can alter his condition.”

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